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fat. cats.

[buy prints!]

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Ragdoll cats (pt.1.)

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when I find myself in times of trouble,

Uncle Iroh comes to me

speaking words of wisdom:


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don’t forget to backup your MRPs tonight <3

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Classic Disney Week | Day 7 - Classic Movie Free Day |
Most dogs in Lady and the Tramp (1955) ;; “In the whole history of the world, there is but one thing money cannot buy… to wit - the wag of a dog’s tail.” - Josh Billings

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The guards of the Elder Scrolls series would like to remind you that you are scum.

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Reblog this message and we will dedicate a troop in your URL’s name to the skeleton war. Together, we can win.

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98% of this image is pure badass

Then there’s Armstrong’s little hair loop.

Are you suggesting the Hair Loop, which has been passed down by the Armstrong family for generations, which has survived countless battles and remained perfectly coiffed, is not a testament to the ELEGANCE and STRENGTH of the Armstrong legacy?!

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